eCommerce Development

ss_129909782-650With the right eCommerce tools, the sky’s the limit.

Though with so many eCommerce platform options out there it’s often challenging to choose the best solution. This can leave your organization high in the sky or anchored with challenges.

Excellira’s leadership began in eCommerce back in 2000, the early days of the industry, and operated websites with tens of thousands of products.

Having “walked in your shoes”, we understand the nuances of the business and will help to simplify the choices, break bottlenecks, and further streamline your operations.

We’ve worked with a number of cart solutions including but not limited to:


Drupal-based carts

  • Drupal Commerce
  • Ubercart

WordPress-based carts

  • WP Easycart
  • Woocommerce




Before before choosing a technology, it’s best to understand your particular workflow and requirements. Some considerations include:

  • Scale. Are you a one-person shop or a large-scale operation. How many transactions do you generate per month.
  • Type of product or service
  • How you fulfill orders.
  • Your shipping methods.
  • Countries you service.
  • Customer service.
  • And, critically, how you manage your database of products. Whether it’s a handful or tens of thousands, keeping product information up-to-date is often challenging and yet it’s a key  success factor.

Our goal is to streamline, simplify and provide the tools that your organization needs to grow. Let’s chat to discuss your eCommerce needs.